Rules and Policies


If you plan to be absent please let your child's coach know in advance by sending an email to [email protected] If your child is absent (for any reason) and you would like a makeup please email us and we offer a different class as a make up. If you are unable to attend the offered make ups, MG does not take responsibility and the class is forfeited- there are no refunds.

Junior Olympic and XCEL students-Excessive absences can result in removal from competitions and/or team. Please see our Team Contract for details 


A one time $90 registration fee is standard for all new students, this fee is non refundable.

Payments can be made monthly via credit card using auto pay or by semester (Fall: Sept-Jan, Spring: Feb-Jun and Summer: Jul-Aug) via credit card, check or PayPal manually.

Monthly Membership via Autopay only. Auto payments are automatically processed the 15th of each month for the following month. If you wish to switch classes or terminate you must let us know by email no later than the 15th of the previous month, once the payment is processed no refunds will be granted.

Semesterly Membership via Credit Card, Check or PayPal. Semesterly payments are made manually by each family by logging into your JackRabbit account and must be pain in full 15 days before the new semester start for Fall and Spring and by April 15th for Summer (Fall-8/15, Spring-1/15, Summer- 4/15). Payments are non refundable.

All camp and JO/XCEL competitive payments (registrations, choreography, leotard, equipment fees, etc) are not eligible for refund. All Master Class fees are non-refundable. Payment is accepted online through PayPal ([email protected]) credit card on file through JackRabbit, or check made out to: "MG Rhythmic Academy" and mailed to Giorgia Nobili at 32 Bryon Rd. APT2, Chestnut Hill MA 02467.

All payments must be labeled with your child's full name, class and a breakdown of the amount

**NOTE: All tuition is prorated to exclude any of our closed dates.

Student Expectations

Students class placement is subject to coach approval taking into account age and ability level based on a trial class. If at any time our owners/teachers feel that a student has been incorrectly placed, they will be moved into the appropriate class. Students will progress through levels at the discretion of our coaching staff. Students must arrive on time. We strongly suggest arriving a few minutes early to get settled and prepared for class. Late arrival is disruptive and hinders proper warm up and stretching, not just for your gymnast, but for all in the class.​

Dressing Rooms: Please note that only students should be in the dressing rooms. Food is not allowed on the carpeted areas of the dressing room, please keep food to the table only. Please keep food mess-free (No Sauces or soups that could spill and cause staining). Girls are responsible for their own cleanup.

Attire: Students hair must be pulled back fully (preferable in a bun but not required for recreational classes- Team must have hair in a bun for all practices) *see dress code at the base of each class page for more info. Students should attend all classes in correct attire which allows the teacher to see proper alignment. No loose fitting or baggy clothing.  *See dress code page for more info*

Parent Expectations:

Viewing: We ask that parents please stay within the designated parent viewing area. Parents are not allowed on the carpet or to linger along the sides. Please no knocking on windows, opening doors or waving to get your child's attention during class as it can be distracting and dangerous for anyone on the carpet.

*Please see our COVID-19 protocols, which are in place temporarily, for updated policy on viewing classes*

We expect all parents to treat any and all MG staff with kindness and respect. Our staff may enforce rules and we expect that all students and families follow these requests. Any disagreements should be handled via email or by scheduling a meeting. 

No parents should be inside the dressing room at any time. While we understand that parents may need to help children get dressed, please take into consideration that to the other children in the dressing room, you are a stranger. Unless you have undergone the extensive background checks and testing provided by USA Gymnastics and are affiliated with our club via USA Gymnastics, we cannot allow parents to wait in the dressing rooms. Any parent who needs to help their child dress/undress can do so in the bathrooms available in the facility.

Video/Photography is strictly prohibited. While you are videoing your child, many other children may appear in the background. Help us protect the privacy of all our students. Pictures and videos of daily training can be seen on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Our coaches are trained in ensuring all photos contain only children whose families have consented to photos/videos as well as checking the backgrounds for any students in not so flattering positions.

Office Hours:

Mon-Thurs 12:00pm-3:00pm

Fri-Sun at coach's discretion

COVID-19 Policy

All members ages 3 and up must be masked while inside the facility at all times. At this time we ask that parents drop off and do not linger inside the facility to help diminish crowding. New students may have one parent observe the first few minutes of class but we ask that you please wait in the car or nearby. No parents should be inside the dressing room, wandering the hallways or inside the gym at any time. Any parent not conforming to these rules will be asked to leave.