The longevity in the sport and the quality of life of our young athletes is number one priority at MG Rhythmic. The IPP designed and implemented by Lyudmila Teshler MS, OTR/L, and Brain Health Coach. The goal of the program is to prevent young athletes from injuries due to repetitive and incorrect recruitment of musculature. We look at neuromuscular recruitment, compensations, overworked musculature and areas of weakness in the body to help prevent injuries before they happen. If an injury does occur, IPP helps to find the right strategies and qualified professionals to help gymnasts recover as quickly as possible.

For our youngest group of gymnasts IPP focuses on addressing developmental milestones as well as athletic performance. Motor planning skills, body awareness, vestibular function and ocular motor skills are all assessed as part of the young athletes screening. Adequate function and engagement of all these systems is necessary for all childhood activities inside and outside the club.