Level 9

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Liza Odikadze

Liza Odikadze, 2006 has been training with coach Maya from age 4. She loves Rhythmic Gymnastics, and can’t live without it. Her ultimate goal is to be top 3 at the Olympic Games one day. This year’s goal is to become part of the USA National Team. She shows promise and in 2019 was selected to be a part of the National Elite Squad. "I have the best coaches and I am so lucky to have them!"

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Isabella Lee

Isabella Lee, 2007 has been with MG since day 1. She loves Rhythmic Gymnastics and can’t imagine her life without it. Her goals for this year are to qualify for the level 10 Elite Team (a privilege granted to only 40 gymnasts in all of the country). Bella is working toward becoming part of the USA National Team training a rigorous 30 hrs a week in both regular classes and with private lessons. Her ultimate goal is a gold medal at the Olympic Games someday. Bella wants everyone to know how much she loves her coaches and appreciates all they have done for her.

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Yelizaveta Trutayeva

Yelizaveta (Liza) Trutayeva was born in Ukraine on December 27th 2007. She moved to America in 2016 and started training right away with coach Maya. She is very happy to have this opportunity to train in this sport she loves so much on the elite track at MG. She has Olympic Champion goals. She reached one of her goals of being selected for the prestigious Future Stars Camp in 2018, but she says she couldn’t have done it without her amazing coaches: Maya and Giorgia. "I am very happy to train at MGRA."

Level 8

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Ally Chen

Ally Chen was born in 2007 and has been doing rhythmic gymnastics since around 2013 and loves it! Ally has been part of group with coach Giorgia since 2015 and has also been training individually since 2017 with both Giorgia and Maya. Her goal is to qualify for Nationals and try her hardest to make top 5 at all of her competitions. Her overall goal for her Rhythmic Gymnastics career is to first become part of the US National team and then to participate in the Olympics. "I love going to the gym almost everyday and being able to train and work with my amazing coaches and teammates. I am excited and can’t wait to learn even more this season!"

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Laura Feng

My name is Laura, I am 11 years old going into 6th grade. My goal for this year is to make it to nationals and my ultimate goal is to make it to the national team. I am a level seven and in intermediate group and have attended open camp 3 years in a row. Outside of gymnastics, I play the violin. I appreciate everything that Maya and Giorgia do for me and I cannot wait for this season.

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Karma Makary

Karma Makary, born in Egypt in 2006 joined MG Rhythmic Academy in 2020 as a level 8.

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Nyla Sharif

Nyla was born in 2006 and joined MG in the Summer of 2020 as a level 8.

Level 7

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Lana Ryabin

Lana, born in 2007, started Rhythmic Gymnastics at age 4 soon after she began training with Giorgia on her Junior Olympic Group team. One of her greatest gymnastics achievements was being selected as one of the top 40 gymnasts in the country for the prestigious Future Stars camp in 2019 where she was given the opportunity to train with Olympic Champion Anna Bessonova. Her best career score thus far has been an 11.100 during the 2019 Region IV championships. She also love to dance and play the saxophone! "Maya and Giorgia are the best coaches in the world!!

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Marianna Modrzynska

Marianna born in 2008 joined MG in 2020 as a level 7.

Level 6

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Alyssa Xia

Alyssa born in 2008 had a "late" start in RG at the age of 8 after years in dance. When she first started with coach Giorgia she was placed onto the JO Beginner Group. When her coach opened her own gym, she followed without hesitation.  There she also began training Individually as a Level 4. Alyssa demonstrates great facility and we know she has a bright future ahead. In addition to RG she also plays the piano and prides herself in having the best marks in her grade. Look out for her in the years ahead!

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Emma Rogovoy


Emma was born in 2010 and joined MG in 2020 after moving from CA and training with Champion Rhythmics for several years. Emma is super flexible and hopes this will help her in her gymnastics career!

Level 5

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Marina Podgoretsky

Marina, 2010, has been part of the MG family since the day it opened in 2017.

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Sophia Kartashova

Sophia was born in 2011 and joined MG in 2019 as a Level 4.

Level 4

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Simone Gilbert

Simone (Sima) Gilbert, 2011, joined MG in 2019 as a Level 4. Sima has grown infinitely since joining MG and works her hardest both in and outside of class. Watch for her in the coming years!

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Anastasia Afonkin

Anastasia (Nastya) Afonkin 2010, joined the level 4 MG team in summer of 2020. She attends Mount Alvernia Academy where she is an honors student. She loves to perform her routines and especially loves to receive detail oriented feedback, which is why private lessons are her favorite. Natya wants to become a level 10 someday, then attend the Olympics and win a gold medal. "I love MG because the training is great and I can easily meet my goals!"

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Miya Peri

Miya Peri, joined the level 4 MG team in the fall of 2020, we are so excited to work with her!

Level 3

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Kayamina Bolotovsky

Kayamina (Kaya) born in 2014 has been a part of MG since 2018 as a part of the preschool program. After showing a lot of discipline, love and potential she was selected for the Pre-Team program. Kaya is excited to compete for the first time this year!

Pre-Team 2

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Sabina Sabitov

Sabina was born in 2014  and joined MG's elite prep track in 2020. Sabina hopes to be able to compete in the near future!


Miroslava Baklanova

Miroslava (Mira) was born in 2016 and joined MG's elite prep track in 2020. Mira hopes to be able to compete in the future!


Maria Hilitski

Maria (Masha) Hilitski, 2014, joined MG in 2019 and after a year of Recreational classes was selected for her love of the sport to join MG's Pre-Team. Masha loves to dance and play with apparatus even at home! During the 2020 pandemic, at just 5 years old, she participated in an online master class with World Champion twin sisters Dina and Arina Averina from Russia (her idols)!


Adela Wu-Sun

Adela was born in 2014 and has been with MG since it opened back in 2017. She joined MG's elite track alongside her little sister in 2020. Adela hopes to compete in the future!

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Karalina Byk

Karalina joined MG in the fall of 2020, she works with enthusiasm and shows a lot of potential for the sport. Someday she hopes to compete like the big girls do!

Preteam 1

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Lilia Wu-Sun

Lilia was born in 2016 and is our youngest team member this year! She joined MG in 2019 at just 2 years old! Lilia loves coming to gymnastics with her big sister and hopes to compete some day!

Ilana Brainin

Ilana joined the MG competitive team in 2020 after taking some preschool classes. She has already participated in one of MG's End of Year performances and loved being onstage with her friends.

Aziere Serik

Aziere loves coming to class and works hard every day. Even though she is one of the youngest on the team, Aziere works with determination and without fear and has already achieved a lot in a short time. MG can't wait to showcase her talent in competition in the near future!


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Members: Ally Chen, Laura Feng, Jane Hopkin, Isabella Lee, Lana Ryabin, Liza Trutayeva, Alyssa Xia