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Our Story

Maya and Giorgia would like to present MG Rhythmic Academy, a Rhythmic Gymnastics training program that offers recreational up through elite training opportunities for talented girls. Born from the passion of their two disciplines, the two young entrepreneurs decided to team up to give your daughters the best training experience. Having a strong background in both ballet and rhythmic gymnastics has helped the coaches to develop a program with all the requirements needed for the gymnast to become successful. They are very excited to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Our Mission

MG Rhythmic Academy wants to continue to build the sport they love so much and be able to provide the best environment for your child to grow. Using a combination of Giorgia’s ballet and Maya’s rhythmic backgrounds, athletes will learn to become graceful and coordinated. This program will shape young girls into strong, passionate, confident women by teaching them self-discipline, time management skills, team and leadership skills as well as good health habits. We also will help give the opportunity to every girl to reach her goals and potential in this sport.

Meet our Coaches


Mayya Mashatina

Owner and Head Coach for Upper Levels

Born in Moscow, Russia Mayya Mashatina earned her Master of Sport (level 10) in Rhythmic Gymnastics. She trained for 15 years in one of the largest clubs in Moscow: CSKA. Mayya has represented her club and her country at both national and international competitions all over the World.
After finishing her athletic career at the age of 17, she was invited to coach in Boston.
She started her coaching carrier upon moving to the United States  in 2010.
In 2017 along with her now partner, Giorgia and after gaining experience and knowledge in coaching young athletes, she decided it was time to take the next step and open MG Rhythmic Academy, where she is the Upper Level (7-10) head coach for the USAG Junior Olympic Program.
Her dedication and ability to learn quickly brought many of her students to State , Regional and even National Championship titles. Mayya's students have been invited to many USA gymnastics camps such as Future Stars, Young Squad, Squad Camp, Elite and National Elite camp at the prestigious Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY.
Additionally, her students have also traveled internationally to competitions and training in Moscow and Canada where her students have met and trained with World class and Olympic level coaches and gymnasts.
Mayya Mashatina has been coaching for over 10 years and during this time more than 14 of her students have become National champions. She loves this sport and her dream is to represent the USA at the Olympic Games with her gymnasts!

Giorgia Nobili

Owner and Head Coach for Lower Levels and Groups

Giorgia Nobili, born in Rome, Italy, fell in love with dance before she was born. Always moving and shaking anytime the music came on, her mother signed her up for Ballet classes at the age of 2 (upon her daughter's insistence, despite being the youngest in the class by two years!). Her passion at a young age kept her at the top of her class at Teatro Greco where she scored top marks on her exams year after year. In 2002 she was one of 9 students selected out of 200 to attend the world renown Teatro Dell'Opera di Roma.

After moving to the US at the age of 10 she attended many ballet schools all over MA including: Boston Ballet, Hudson Ballet, Acton Ballet and various private coaches, sometimes driving close to two hours (one way) in search of best quality training. Giorgia trained rigorously 25+ hours weekly, gaining knowledge in all aspects of dance technique, performance, choreography and production throughout her student career. She also has been selected to dance for several junior and professional companies such as: The Great Moscow Ballet Nutcracker, Commonwealth Ballet Company, Tony Williams Dance Company, Boston Liturgical Dance Ensemble, and many more. During this time she also expanded her training to include the circus arts, with a focus on contortion and aerial arts.

Her teaching career began at age 12. At the age of 14 she began teacher training, working with her own teachers to understand how to properly develop young athletes both physically and mentally. At 16 she began teaching her own ballet and acro classes for girls ages 5-8.

In 2012 Giorgia began teaching young rhythmic gymnasts ballet- a fundamental part of this sport. Using her circus and ballet training in tandem, she learned all about this amazing sport and fell in love. Soon after working alongside current business partner Mayya Mashatina, she began teaching her own Junior Olympic group who went on to win silver medals at the USAG Open Championships.

Since then, she has opened MG Rhythmic Academy where she is head coach for the Lower Levels (JO pre-team and levels 3-6) and groups and where she co-coaches the Upper Level girls. In this time she has coached girls who have gone on to win State, Regional and National titles as well as countless medals both nationally and internationally.

Giorgia also has additional knowledge in injury prevention, child development, music theory, choreography, traditional, character and Latin dances, acrobatics and lifts and clothing/costume design and production!

Her goal is to raise well-rounded, self-sufficient and confident young women, all the while teaching them the beautiful discipline that is Rhythmic Gymnastics.



Greta Bonfatti

Recreational classes


Greta was born in Bologna, Italy and was a rhythmic gymnast for 17 years and over 5 years of teaching recreational to competitive level classes.

Becky Rope ending pose

Rebecah Kaplun

Preschool classes


Becky is an MG alum with over 10 years of rhythmic gymnastics training. She loves teaching young gymnasts. Her classes are full of enthusiasm for her students!




Natalia Odikadze

Recreational and Preschool classes


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