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Toddler/Kinder Classes

Introductory classes for ages 2-5 are designed to develop your child's fine and gross motor skills as well as a love for the sport. Read more about our Tiny Tots, Preschool and Kinder Kids classes!


Recreational Classes

Recreational level classes for girls ages 5-12. Classes are designed to develop strength, flexibility and coordination as well as gain self-confidence, grace and independence.

XCEL Team Classes

Semi-competitive level classes for girls ages 6-18. Girls will train 4-6 hrs per week to learn 2-3 routines and will compete locally with the option to travel to many of the same competitions as the JO girls without the commitment of JO. Skills will be tailored to the individual gymnast's abilities.

Junior Olympic Classes

Junior Olympic level training for ages 4-18. Athletes will train 9-20 hours per week to achieve flexibility, strength and level appropriate skills. Girls in this class are focused, with Olympic level goals.

*Try-out required*

Our Story

Whether you want to learn the basics of the beautiful sport that is Rhythmic Gymnastics or have Olympic goals, MG Rhythmic Academy is here for you.

We offer many classes for all ages and levels of ability in a fun and challenging environment. Whatever your goal is, we make it our priority to help you achieve it!

Founded in 2017, Mayya and Giorgia created MG Rhythmic Academy to offer a rhythmic gymnastics program that creates recreational through elite training opportunities for talented girls. Born from the passion of their two disciplines, the two young entrepreneurs decided to team up to give your child the best training experience. Having a strong background in both ballet and rhythmic gymnastics has helped the coaches to develop a program with all the requirements needed for the gymnast to become successful. They are very excited to share their knowledge and experience with you.



Rules and Policies


  •  Please let your child’s coach know in advance if your child will be absent
  • Excessive absences can result in removal from competitions and/or team. Please see our Team Contract for details 
  • If your child is absent (for any reason) and you would like a make up please email their coach who will offer a different class as a make up
  • If you are unable to attend the offered make ups, MG does not take responsibility and the class is forfeited- there are no refunds.


  • A one time $90 registration fee is standard for all new students, this fee is non refundable.
  • Tuition runs on a monthly cycle with payments due by the 15th of the previous month (ex payments due Jan 15th for Feb 1st classes) each month.
  • Tuition amounts will be the same each month regardless of month length due to holidays. This is because some months are shorter and some are longer, and all tuition is already prorated to account for vacation dates.
  • Tuition paid later than the 30th of the month will be charged a $25 late fee.
  • No refunds will be issued after the 1st of the month
  • Summer Camp is billed by week and is due in full no later than May 1st.
  • Summer Camp tuition is non-refundable with the exception of a Dr’s note.


  • Students class placement is subject to coach approval taking into account age and ability level based on a trial class. If at any time our owners/teachers feel that a student has been incorrectly placed, they will be moved into the appropriate class. Students will progress through levels at the discretion of our coaching staff.
  • Students must arrive on time. We strongly suggest arriving a few minutes early to get settled and prepared for class. Late arrival is disruptive and hinders proper warm up and stretching, not just for your gymnast, but for all in the class.​
  • We ask that parents please stay within the hallway area. Parents are not allowed on the carpet or to linger along the sides. Please no knocking on windows, opening doors or waving to get your child’s attention during class as it can be distracting and dangerous for anyone on the carpet.
  • Food is not allowed on the carpeted areas of the dressing room, please keep food to the table only. Please keep food mess-free (No Sauces or soups the could spill and cause staining). Girls are responsible for their own cleanup.
  • Students hair must be pulled back fully (preferable in a bun but not required for recreational classes- Team must have hair in a bun for all practices) *see dress code at the base of each class page for more info*
  • Students should attend all classes in correct attire which allows the teacher to see proper alignment. No loose fitting or baggy clothing for all classes.  *see dress code at the base of each class page for more info*


  • We ask parents to respect coaches and teachers. We understand your concerns, as everyone only wants what they think to be best for their child, but we ask that questions or concerns are handled in a mature and professional manner. In doing so we assure you that all concerns will be gladly listened to and taken into consideration as to resolve the issue in the best way we see possible. Families who cannot comply may be asked to leave.
  • If you wish to discuss anything in detail, please email us to schedule a meeting during our office hours.

Office Hours:

Mon-Thurs 12:00pm-3:00pm

Fri-Sun at coach’s discretion