The Xcel team is our semi- competitive program designed for girls ages 9 and up with minimum one year of RG training. Girls in this class will have the opportunity to compete both locally and internationally (if they so choose) while being able to still have a more relaxed schedule to allow for other activities.

This class is a good fit for older girls new to Rhythmic who may wish to compete, as well as any JO gymnast looking to continue to compete, without the time commitment.

The Xcel program consists of Individual Levels A, B, C and D as well as a level neutral group floor and Level A, B and C group apparatus routine. Teacher, student and family together  will discuss to decided the athlete's level placement.

  • Athletes must have a current USA Gymnastics Introductory or Athlete Membership.
  • Athletes must turn 6 by the end of the calendar year to be eligible for competition.

Read more about the Xcel program here:

Dress Code

  • Black colored leotard or tank top
  • Shorts optional
  • White ankle socks or half gym shoes (
  • Black sports jacket or black long sleeved shirt accepted for winter months
  • Tight fitting black leggings or stirrup tights also OK for winter months
  • Black leg warmers optional but encouraged in the winter
  • Hair up tight in a braid or bun.¬†No loose hair allowed.

Please no: skirts, street clothes, ballet shoes or loose clothing- girls spend a lot of time rolling on the ground and upside down, clothing should stay on easily without creating a distraction.


Apparatus needed:

  • Rope: all gymnasts
  • Ball: highly recommended for all
  • Ribbon, Clubs, Hoop: only if needed for competition
  • Knee pads
  • Theraband- medium to extra heavy
  • Stretch band ( or similar