Recreational classes are for girls ages 5-9 who have an interest in the sport but do not wish to compete. Athletes will work on flexibility, strength and coordination as well as mastering the five apparatus used in RG: ball, hoop, rope, clubs and ribbon. At a recreational level the focus in the class will be correct body technique, in skills and acrobatics all the while having fun and staying active.


Here at MG we value greatly the development of both mind and body so young girls can grow into confident and competent, self-sufficient adults. We expect all our students to be disciplined and respectful and to be teachable above all else.


MG coaches treasure giving their students the tools necessary to grow and learn in a loving and enthusiastic environment.


Dress Code

  • Black colored leotard or tank top
  • Shorts optional
  • White ankle socks or half gym shoes (
  • Black sports jacket or black long sleeved shirt accepted for winter months
  • Tight fitting black leggings or stirrup tights also OK for winter months
  • Black leg warmers optional but encouraged in the winter
  • Hair up tight in a braid or bun. No loose hair allowed.

Please no: skirts, street clothes, ballet shoes or loose clothing- girls spend a lot of time rolling on the ground and upside down, clothing should stay on easily without creating a distraction.


See our Schedule for class times and days