Level 9


Liza Odikadze

I am Liza Odikadze. I was born February 5th 2006. I love Rhythmic gymnastics, and I can’t live without it. My ultimate goal is to be in the top 3 in the Olympics one day. This year’s goal is to make the National Team of USA. I made my first step and made it to National Elite Squad. I have the best coaches and I am so lucky to have them!


Anastasia Kovalenko

My name is Nastya Kovalenko and I'm a level 9 rhythmic gymnast. I was born in 2004, and I've been doing rhythmic gymnastics for almost 12 years already. I started gymnastics very early, when I was just under 3 years old. One of my biggest achievements in this sport was in Level 5, when I won first place all-around at the Open Championships in Chicago. I was state champion for multiple years as well, in levels 3 and 5. Outside of rhythmic gymnastics, I also do well in school and receive straight A's, and enjoy traveling with my family.


Isabella Lee

I am Isabella Lee. I was born on December 29, 2007. I love rhythmic gymnastics and I can’t imagine my life without it. My goals for this year are to qualify to level 10 elite then to make the national team for the USA, and my ultimate goal is to win the Olympics one day. I have the best coaches ever and couldn’t ask for better ones!

Level 8


Yelizaveta Trutayeva

My name is Liza Trutayeva. I was born in Ukraine on December 27th 2007. I moved to America a couple of years ago, and I am very happy I have this opportunity to do what I love which is rhythmic gymnastics. My goal is to become an Olympic Champion one day. I reached one of my goals and got into Future Stars Camp, but I couldn’t do it without my amazing coaches Maya and Giorgia. I am very happy to train at MGRA .

Level 7


Lana Ryabin

Hi I'm Lana and I started Rhythmic Gymnastics at age 4. One of my greatest gymnastics achievements has been being selected as one of the top 40 gymnasts in the country for the prestigious Future Stars camp in 2019 where we were given the opportunity to train with Olympic champion Anna Bessonova. My best career score thus far has been an 11.100 during the 2019 Region IV championships. I also love to dance and play the saxophone! Also Maya and Giorgia are the best coaches in the world!!


Ally Chen

My name is Ally Chen. I am 11 years old and will be going into 7th grade. I have been doing rhythmic gymnastics for about 6 years and I love doing it. I am in level 7 and intermediate group. My goal is to qualify for Nationals this year and try my hardest to make top 5 at all of my competitions. My overall goal for my rhythmic gymnastics career is to first make it to the US National team and then be able to make it to the Olympics. I love going to the gym almost everyday and being able to train and work with my amazing coaches and teammates. I am excited and can’t wait to learn even more this season!


Laura Feng

My name is Laura, I am 11 years old going into 6th grade. My goal for this year is to make it to nationals and my ultimate goal is to make it to the national team. I am a level seven and in intermediate group and have attended open camp 3 years in a row. Outside of gymnastics, I play the violin. I appreciate everything that Maya and Giorgia do for me and I cannot wait for this season.


Jane Hopkin


Nika Kolesnikova

Level 5


Alyssa Xia

Hi my name is Alyssa and I am 11 years old. I started Gymnastics at age 8 after years in dance where I found I was too energetic and could not channel my energy just in dance anymore. When I started, I was put in an advanced class and was able to do a lot of the other girls could do. The coach saw my talent and I was put in the Beginner Group. When my coach started her own gym, I followed without hesitation.  When I started level 4, I was told that I had everything that a gymnast requires. I have been to Open Camp every year since I started gymnastics. I also play the piano and have the best marks of the grade


Marina Podgoretsky

Level 4


Sima Gilbert


Kristina Nickovic

Kristina, born February 12, 2012, is a second grader. She has a younger brother and a baby brother whom she both adores and likes playing with. Kristina loves the outdoors and is up early to go biking and riding her scooter. She is trilingual and can read a book for you in Russian, Serbian, or English. She loves gymnastics and at home she likes creating her own routines and dances. She practices playing the piano and now wants to learn how to play chess.


Masha Kolesnikova


Sophia Kartashova

Level 3


Olivia Liao



Gaia Farber


Leah Utin


Kaya Bolotovsky



Intermediate Group

Members: Ally Chen, Laura Feng, Jane Hopkin, Isabella Lee, Lana Ryabin, Liza Trutayeva, Alyssa Xia