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Dress Code

JO Levels and Xcel teams

  • Black leotard, shirt, tank top, or MG shirt ($20-ask your coach if we have your size)
  • Black shorts or tight fitting leggings
  • MG team jacket
  • Half toe shoes (Jassy, Sasaki or Venturelli brands)
  • Black Stirrup tights (Capezio, Theatricals, Body Wrappers or similar)
  • Black legwarmers (Mondor or similar)
  • Knee pads (Rhythmic Gymnastics, Discount Dance , Action Rhythmics or similar-please no knee "supports" these are not the same thing.)
  • Hair in a tight bun- if hair is too short (cut above the chin) please talk to your coach for a solution. Hair may not be down or falling out.

See here for how to make a bun

NOTE: Group members may be asked to buy additional clothing and equipment for cohesiveness.



  • Tight fitting solid colored tank top/shirt or solid colored leotard (pink and black colors preferred)
  • Black shorts and/or tight fitting leggings)
  • Gymnastics half shoe or white ankle socks (no patterns or long socks please) see above for brands and links
  • hair in a tight bun or braid(s). No loose hair is allowed in class for safety and sanitary reasons.


JO and Xcel Teams- please talk to your coaches before buying any apparatus


Recreational- Apparatus can be borrowed from MG during practice but we recommend the following for correct sizing/home practice

    • Ball
    • Rope
    • Hoop
    • Knee pads


Where to buy:

Action Rhythmics (apparatus and equipment)

Rhythmic Gymnastics (apparatus and equipment)

West Coast Rhythmics (apparatus and equipment)

Lana's RG Rentals  (Local-no shipping fee Leotard rentals and equipment)

Discount Dance Supply (clothing)

Jassy USA (shoes)