MG is ready for summer, are you??

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Registration is now open for Summer Camp!


Recreational Camp for ages 5-9

Xcel Camp for ages 7-18

Junior Olympic competitive team summer training weeks *by try-out only*

(Want to try out for our team? The deadline to try-out is July 3rd 2020- email us today to set up a time!)


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Preschool Classes

Classes for girls ages 2.5 to 5 with focus on proper development in a fun, playful environment!





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School-age Classes

Recreational level classes for girls ages 6-18. Classes are designed to develop strength, flexibility and coordination as well as gain self-confidence, grace and independence.




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Junior Olympic Competitive Team

Junior Olympic level training for ages 5-18. Athletes will train 9-20 hours per week to achieve flexibility, strength and level appropriate skills. Girls in this class are focused, with Olympic level goals.

*Acceptance to this class is based on try-out only*


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Our Mission

Whether you want to learn the basics of the beautiful sport that is Rhythmic Gymnastics or have Olympic goals, MG Rhythmic Academy is here for you.

We offer many classes for all ages and level of ability in a fun and challenging environment. Whatever your goal is, we make it our priority to help you achieve it!

Maya and Giorgia would like to present MG Rhythmic Academy, a Rhythmic Gymnastics training program that offers recreational up through elite training opportunities for talented girls. Born from the passion of their two disciplines, the two young entrepreneurs decided to team up to give your daughters the best training experience. Having a strong background in both ballet and rhythmic gymnastics has helped the coaches to develop a program with all the requirements needed for the gymnast to become successful. They are very excited to share their knowledge and experience with you.



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